Yg no dating rule particularly dating back

He wants to meet us tomorrow evening." Jiyong explained while holding her hands. " jagiya , do you know that YG knows about our relationship? You and Jiyong were watching movie at your house then suddenly YG sajangnim called him and want to talk something important with him so Jiyong rush to the YG building and head to YG sajangnim room. Jiyong knock the YG's room door and he get in . I even see both of you kissing on the practice room and cuddling in your recording room! " did you forget that this building is full of CCTV ? Now after a day it is topping all music download charts in Korea! A few years ago, this would be really hard for me to accept, bc I used to be a really obsessive, possessive fan orz, but I’m a chill, cool fan now ^^ yeah right! Prayer circle for all Jinhwan stans haha Q: Been a trainee in YG for more than years. The past 4 years has already passed *laughs*Bobby: Even though I am lonely. When I look at my past experiences, I wrote great lyrics when I was in love.

***YG Building ***" are you nervous about what's going on? " ofc I'm nervous , this is about our relationship " You said coldly. " ahh our Y/N - shi and Jiyong-shi is here" YG smirked . " so since Y/N break one of her contract rules , I have to make an action . " I'm so sorry sajangnim, I forgot about that rule" Jiyong replied coldly . " no , its okay , since Jiyong -shi have make our company rich . The other MC Kim Sung-Joo added, “This is exactly why GD likes Jung Hyung-Don”, making everyone wear a smile at the fun and friendly relationship between GD and Jung. The 48-member Japanese girl-pop behemoth known as AKB48 will soon pass a big milestone in its already-huge career: performing three sold-out shows from Aug. 26 at the Tokyo Dome, the country's largest concert venue. I'll decide what that I want to do with your relationship." YG said . "nae" Jiyong greeted her back and sit on the couch .

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