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Social exclusion has become a basic fact of life in a society where political discourse is left in the hands of a cultured class that labels the masses as outsiders.

Exclusive schools and gated communities are a testament to the desire of the middle class not to bother itself with the problems of the common man.

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The prominent “divide and conquer” rule, employed to the fullest extent by our colonial masters against a disunited population yet to develop a sense of nationhood, was meant to hasten the domination of the Philippine archipelago.

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In the same manner that President Manuel Quezon was not able to break up large estates in order to liberate the Filipino peasantry, President Cory, too, failed in her effort to implement authentic land reform.

But given our present state of affairs, it may no longer be necessary to emphasize political divisions and our social fragmentation.

In fact, the presence of criminal elements and terrorist organizations appears to justify the use of violence in order to quell and prevent further violence.

Since the time of President Quezon, politics in the Philippines has not been insulated from the submissive requirements of a patronage system that dates back to the Spanish period.

Vicente Rafael writes that “the patron-client relationship between God and king has a long history, stretching back to the Reconquista of the Middle Ages…

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