Dating mitsuru

This is foiled when Senkawa loses in the ninth inning of the second round when Hiro sprains his foot while dodging the opposing pitcher's hand, which was tagging first base directly under his spiked cleats.Meiwa Daiichi went on to win this Summer Tournament.

Meiwa Daiichi fail to win their division in the Fall tournament, after the departure of their third year players, and are not invited to the Spring invitational Koshien.Instead of transferring to Meiwa Daiichi or another school with a baseball team they decide to accept their fate and, with the help of the fan club and Haruka, persuade their "baseball-hating" headmaster to establish a proper baseball team.They succeed in this by playing Meiwa Daiichi in a practice game they were not expected to do well in.This devastates both Hikari and Hiro, who loved her as a second mother.Hikari is greatly comforted by a very attentive Hideo but only cries with Hiro.

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