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In high school, Michael Crider was the jokester, the drummer in a band, the Howie Mandel impersonator.

Fast-forward ten years and the funny man has married and become the family man.

This week's spotlight is on: Dating and Relationships.

These titles can be found in the Nonfiction collection on the second floor at Main Library and also at the Madison Branch.

With such chapter headings as "Open Mouth, Insert Foot," "Pop Goes the Question" and "Booze, the Bride and Blue Balls," the book is comical and witty, and offers honest advice (and even the occasional anecdote about masturbating astronauts) to the hapless, love-lost guy in every man.

With electronic notices, you’ll also receive helpful reminders about impending due dates so that you can avoid late fees. Job & Career Accelerator is the industry's most comprehensive, online job search system that puts job seekers on the Fast Track to getting hired. )The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh - j FICTION Walsh Indigo Blues by Danielle Joseph - TEEN FICTION Joseph Juvenile Audiovisual: The Boy Who Cried Wolf and More Famous Fables -- j DVD Boy Emily's Fortune by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - j CD FICTION Naylor Let's Dance Playhouse Disney -- j CD Playhouse BROWSING THE STACKS Lakewood Public Library offers a wide variety of book collections within our non-fiction area.From the moment he hears the unexpected news that the pregnancy test is positive to the end of his son's first year of life, Michael Crider is awed, anxious, and all-too-human.In between these milestones, he endures the aches and pains of his wife's pregnancy (which had a clear impact on his own bodily comfort), swallows his pride when bunny wallpaper replaces his beloved Budweiser mirror, has a short and only partially-appreciated stint as her labor coach on the Big Day, and experiences every one of his son's “firsts” as though they were his own.' -- My parents, my nervous girlfriend, and masturbating astronauts -- Open mouth, insert foot -- Pop goes the question -- Lotta ching-ching for the bling-bling -- The game plan (aka plotting your own demise) -- Like a cartoon penguin in a monkey suit -- The gift that keeps on giving until you exchange it for something you really want -- The lost weekend -- It's a nice day for a white wedding (with apologies to Billy Idol) -- The reception : booze, the bride, and blue balls -- The honeymooners -- And in this corner -- Settling down : the slow and inevitable crawl to 'happily ever after.' For men under pressure to propose or newly affianced, newlywed or veteran to the husband hustle, Michael Crider's flawed attempts at both grand romantic gestures and small attempts to control his fate will be all too familiar.Refreshingly honest and laugh-out-loud funny, The Slow and Inevitable Crawl Toward Happily Ever After should also appeal to the long-suffering women in their lives who, for better or worse, recognize their men in its pages.

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