Cisco phones not updating

Cisco has an integration guide available for CUPS 8.6 with Microsoft Lync Server for RCC.On the Lync Server side, Microsoft allows administrators to enable RCC for a Lync client.If communication in one direction is not making it to the peer, then the symptom is usually that only one party can hear the other's audio.To address this issue, check the following: Due to the sensitive nature of Vo IP traffic, low voice quality (or "jitter") may be experienced due to interruptions in traffic flow or bandwidth limitations.Some folders in a mailbox on Exchange Server 2013 are not showing up on the folder list in the OWA virtual directory but do appear in other views.continue reading We have a Client Access Server and Mailbox Server on Exchange 2013 and we want to install an Edge Transport role on another machine.I joined the ...continue reading How can I enable Outlook Anywhere to allow internal use for all users and external use for only some users in Exchange 2013?Please refer to this guide for a breakdown of different call quality symptoms.

If using an external voice provider, a number of requirements/questions may be presented about the network.The following questions are commonly posed by voice providers regarding network capabilities: Consider that voice communication typically happens as two simultaneous UDP streams, one for each direction of communication.These are two separate streams, as opposed to a single two-way stream.This will commonly be levied by a DHCP server, where leases to Vo IP endpoints will include voice-specific DHCP options.The direct answer to the first part of this question is no: Cisco IP phones are not directly compatible with Microsoft Lync Server.

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