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I actually bought this hammock over two years ago and have been patiently waiting to put it up, and at the beginning of Summer, Ben finally got it up.

I debated putting it up outside, but an indoor one just sounded kind of dreamy and so inside it went! Most afternoons you will find one (or two) of them swinging back and forth.

Every time I learn that Elizabeth Bard is coming out with a new book I pre-order it immediately and wait, very impatiently, for it to arrive.

You see, I adore her first two memoirs and cook from them all the time.

It is very secure and as long as it is being used properly, there are no problems.

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It means your body is really ready to appreciate your next meal. That, or a travel business so we can spend a few days cooking and eating with you in Provence! 🙂 I have thought about another memoir with recipes – I feel like our early 40’s are an interesting time for women. How do you change your life when you no longer have your whole life ahead of you?If night school or summer school is required by any senior, the student will receive the diploma after the course has been successfully completed. And of course, that means that Christmas is just right around the corner as well.It hangs from a very sturdy clasp and chain that are hooked onto some really sturdy eye bolts.Ben found the stud in the wall and that’s where the eye bolts went in.

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